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At Breathingalicia we know that it is experiences that feed the traveler’s spirit. By prioritizing our visitor’s emotions we are able to offer exclusive (and inclusive) moments. There are not many places that gather so many charms: nature, culture, architecture, history, gastronomy, beaches, tradition, parties… All surrounded by breath-taking landscapes, where the blue of the sea, the green of our forests and the sound of thousands of small rivers create a stunning environment. Galicia is, definitely, one of the hidden jewels of Europe. Why don’t try one of our guided tours in Galicia and discover our land in an emotional way?

Magic and mystery beat in every corner of Galicia: forests, witches (meigas), legends, Celtic heritage, ancient rites and, above all, truly caring people. We will not only offer you an average trip but happiness and great memories. We offer you a completely different kind of guided tours in Galicia, focused in your emotions. It is time to experience something different, don’t you think?

Vigo Port

Indulge, feed your body and soul in Vigo

Welcome to Vigo, the biggest city of Galicia! During the 20th century, the city’s prosperity increased to such an extent that the other galician cities couldn’t reach it. An old fishermen’s village became a modern, vibrant and surprising city. Today Vigo has four important museums, an impressive collection of Modernist buildings, the biggest port in Galicia (with the biggest fishing terminal in Europe) and a booming economy, focused on fishing, industrial and services sectors.

Gastronomy in Galicia is not an ordinary issue, it is art and pleasure. Let your senses get captivated by our fine dining and local wines, internationally awarded and capable of conquering every visitor’s heart.

With our Indulge guided tour in Vigo, one of our most popular guided tours in Galicia, we offer you an experience to remember forever.

  • Language: English, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Starting time: 13.00 h
  • Length: 3 Hours
  • Price: From 88 €

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Breathingalicia’s aim is to allow you to be part of your destination, feel its smells, colors and share them with locals. We offer you a collection of special guided tours in Galicia conducted by professional guides and beyond the usual tours. We want to share with you our knowledge of hidden places, secret corners and peaceful places out of mainstream tourist circuits.

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Pilgrimage to Compostela

Peaceful, discovering Santiago de Compostela from a different perspective

Welcome to Santiago de Compostela! This city is the final destination of the oldest, busiest and most celebrated route of the old continent. A route full of eagerness, hospitality, art and culture. The Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) became during the 11th century one of the great pilgrimages of medieval Christianity alongside the ones of Rome and Jerusalem. Nowadays, it is still used by the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims that walk the Camino each year. No guided tours in Galicia can miss our capital city!

The Way was declared “First cultural itinerary of Europe” in 1987 by the Council of Europe and in 1993 World Heritage by UNESCO. In 1985, the city of Santiago was also awarded by UNESCO with the very same recognition due its historical and spiritual values.

Pilgrim’s emotions are always in the air and permeate throughout the city’s cobbled streets. This is a place where legends and reality come together and we want you to feel it in our guided tours through Santiago.

Magic and mystery beats in every corner of Compostela: forests, witches (meigas), legends, Celtic rites … Immerse yourself in old times and find your own spirituality with us!i

  • Language: English, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Starting time: 17.00 h
  • Length: 2 Hours
  • Price: From 18 €

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We are a small team of dynamic and curious professionals with a large background in Hospitality Management and Customer Service Experience. Our aim is to provide you with the best experience with our guided tours in Galicia.

We have been touched by significant experiences and human beings around the world, whether living in South America, experiencing Middle East complexity or hanging out with locals in our European stages.

From learning different cultures we noted we all share a universal language that brings us together.

Emotions are this language. Sometimes we don’t need to talk, just to look to each other eyes and know that we are feeling the same. That’s what we want you to experience with our guided tours.

We believe sharing our experiences and knowledge will help to discover new perspectives of our beloved Galicia.

A paradise for you to enjoy!

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