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Visiting Vigo with us: an experience to remember

Vigo is the biggest city of Galicia and the industrial capital of the area. Just a century ago, Vigo was a small fishermen’s village, which actually remains in the city center (the Old Quarter) and shows the typical stone-made buildings and pavement as many other towns in Galicia. However, Vigo changed very fast powered by its two economic engines: fishing and automotive industry.

Vigo has one of the biggest European automotive factories, the PSA Peugeot Citröen factory, where near of half a million vehicles are produced every year, 90% of them destinated to foreign markets and exported by big carrier ships. The other soul of Vigo is related with its fishing industry. Many decades ago the fishermen of Vigo decided to explore new routes and areas, first on North Atlantic and after in all the ocean, even near Antarctica. That developed a new powerful industry to receive all that fish (the port of Vigo has the biggest fishing terminal in Europe, with near of 900.000 tons of fish discharged every year) and a very important ship building industry with some of the main shipyards in Spain. The port of Vigo is also a popular cruise stop.

Fish auction at Vigo fishing terminal

All this industrial activity has transformed Vigo in a vibrant city full of experiences to discover. From the stunning Modernist architecture at its central streets to its busy cultural life, Vigo is a must if you want to know a bit more about Galicia and its people.

Visiting Vigo means also discovering some of the most emblematic natural sites close to the city, starting with the most remarkable of them: the Cíes Islands. Now part of the Atlantic Islands National Park, they have one of the most awarded beaches in the world, among of great natural spaces. They are also a privileged site for sea birds observation. You have daily ships to go there from Vigo, but you need to request an authorization first as the daily amount of visitors allowed to visit the islands is limited.

Cíes Islands, a natural paradise close to Vigo

Visiting Vigo with us: What we have for you to offer

At Breathingalicia we want you to enjoy a different kind of guided tours. We offer you three different emotional tours at our menu:

Indulge: This is an experience designed for foodies. As you can suppose, all is around fish. We will show you some secret places out of usual tourist circuits, starting by Old Quarter and its artisans workshops. You will enjoy chatting with a chef while tasting a glass of our celebrated and multi-awarded Albariño wine, learning some of the secrets of Galician cuisine and the best way to prepare different kinds of fish and seafood, directly in the kitchen. Hungry? No problem! We will taste some of our traditional recipes, and we’ll give you a copy of them so you can surprise your guests when you are back home!.

Euphoria: This 3-hour guided tour in Vigo includes the joy of shopping, a workshop with one of most famous designers and artisans of Vigo, where you will learn and make your own piece, a lunch in our secret place tasting the dishes made by a celebrated chef and, if you want, finish your experience with an Ayurvedic massage. Definitely, a time to remember!

Embrace: This is an immersive experience in the fishing world, carried with us in partnership with Vigo Pesqueiro, depending of FUNDAMAR foundation. We will give you the unique opportunity of visiting the inside of Vigo fishing terminal (not open to the general public) and see how the fish auction happens in front of you, explained by a fishing professional. After, you will join the sailors inside the port and even join them while they are working or visit a shellfish bed. And, of course, we’ll walk along the Old Quarter and city center to taste three drinks and three tapas in some of most iconic restaurants of the city. An experience to feel with all your senses!

This is just a glimpse of all you can find in a city like Vigo and its surroundings. We invite you to discover much more visiting Vigo on your own, letting yourself get lost in the narrow streets of Old Town or walking along the busy and full of life streets of city center.

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