Two different ways to discover Santiago de Compostela

At Breathingalicia we care about giving our visitors the best experience. That’s why we call our guided tours “emotions”, because we don’t want you to just watch, we want you to have a real and unforgettable feeling at our destinations. Of course, we couldn’t miss the big jewel of Galicia, our most internationally known city and the end of the most famous pilgrimage way of the world. Today we invite you to discover Santiago de Compostela with us.

Santiago de Compostela has something mysterious, almost magic, floating in the air. Maybe it’s the imprint of the feelings from millions of pilgrims across the centuries. If even today, with all the services and hostels, the Way of St James is a challenge (both physically and spiritually) for the pilgrims, think about how it could have been in the Middle Ages.

Every corner, every stone of the Old Town of Santiago de Compostela it’s history, but also hides a story. Stories about love and passion, about life and death, about kings and servants. And yes, even about the devil in this holy city.

A Spanish writer said, long time ago: “Santiago de Compostela, where the rain is art”. In this Nortwest corner of Spain the rain is part of the landscape, but a walk in the Old Town of Santiago after the rain, when the stones bright like jewels, is a magical and highly recommendable experience, especially by night, when the streets are empty and you can listen the echoes of your steps.

Yes, the rain is art in Santiago

To discover Santiago de Compostela in a different way, we offer you two different guided tours: Peaceful and Joy.

Peaceful: Discover Santiago de Compostela in a relaxed way

Peaceful emotion tour is carefully designed to make you feel the hidden treasures of the city. Away of the bustle of Plaza del Obradoiro, we’ll show you secret gardens, small chapels, convents and other surprising places where you can breath, enjoy the silence and hold that moment forever.

The finish touch: We’ll enjoy a glass of wine surrounded by nature or facing the chimney.

Joy: A foodie experience to discover Galician gastronomy

Recently scientific studies have proven that the hormone serotonin, responsible for balancing our emotions is produced in 90 % in the stomach. This is why we have created Joy, an experience to discover Galicia most purely, joining us to find one of the best gastronomies in the world.

After showing you some magical places in Santiago, a professional English speaking sumiller will guide you through a taste of our world-awarded Galician wines paired with some exquisite bites of our gastronomy. But if you are a real foodie, this is not enough. That’s why we’ll bring you to the Old Market, where you will enjoy a gourmet set dinner in the central aisle of one of the naves of the market, dedicated exclusively to serve our better products (meat, fish and the famous seafood) in an unique environment.

To finish an epic evening and to get extra powers we’ll enjoy a punch of Queimada in an iconic venue of the city, with great views of the Cathedral while we recite the ritual spell to give magic powers to the drink and burn all bad spirits in the fire. This will be an experience to remember forever!

Of course, we invite you to keep discovering Santiago de Compostela by yourself. Beyond the most known historical places and museums, Santiago is a very green city full of parks, quiet and small squares where you can enjoy a drink in a terrace, charming shops and, as any universitary city, a vibrant nightlife. During summer the squares of the city become performing spaces for dance, music and theatre for all ages, and there’s plenty of iconic bars where you can listen jazz, Galician music or Celtic music, sometimes with live players. This city will have a permanent space in your heart forever.

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