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Summer music festivals in Galicia

Galicia is a land full of music. Every celebration, festivity or event all around the country is usually full of traditional music performances. Our most known and characteristic instrument is the Galician bagpipe, slightly different from Scottish or Irish bagpipes and with a unique sound. Galician music has common ancestors with the Celtic music of Ireland, UK or Brittany, and our Celtic-inspired music bands have international recognition. There are lots of gigs all year round, but summer is definitely the perfect time to enjoy a wide range of music festivals in Galicia.

If you visit Galicia in summer you’ll find different kind of music festivals. Probably the most known (and most crowded) is the International Festival of Celtic Music at Ortigueira, a meeting point for the best Celtic music players. There is also a big festival in Santiago, called ‘O Son do Camiño’ (The Sound of the Way) which is becoming more popular every year. But, as you know, we like to propose you some little treasures, and we have a nice recommendation if you visit Galicia in July: The Atlantic Fest.

The Atlantic Fest, a unique music festival at Arousa Island (Illa de Arousa)

Certainly it’s not the biggest or the most famous of the summer music festivals in Galicia, but Atlantic Fest has some unique features that make it very interesting. Focused on indie and pop scene, it is going to take place on July 26, 27 & 28. With four different stages, and the main one covered under a big temporary structure, Atlantic Fest offers to the visitors a very interesting overview of the latest trends in Spanish and Galician music.

Love of Lesbian and Los Planetas are two very famous Spanish bands, mixing indie style with pop music. But Atlantic Fest has so much more to offer to the visitor, from pure indie and alternative music to a mix between flamenco and alternative rock (María Rodés), without forgetting international singers like Marlon Williams, a rising star in New Zealand, or new urban music bands like Cupido.

All artists of 2019 edition have been carefully selected by the organization regarding not only their fame, but their quality and personal style. A place to dance, to enjoy and to discover new artists. All this and much more is the Atlantic Fest.

Of course, we cannot finish without having a mention to the outstanding environment of the festival: A Illa de Arousa, a small island with a breathtaking landscape, fabulous beaches (one just beside the festival’s venue) and natural places to walk and relax. The village in the island is a great example of recovering of an old fishermen’s village, with plenty of cultural activities for all ages and excellent cafes and restaurants where you can taste our celebrated fish and seafood. You can’t miss the visit of the first canned fish factory in Galicia, now an interactive museum where you can learn about the history of this industry, even today one of the most important areas of Galician economy.

Because the sea is an unmistakable part of Galician life, we propose you a weekend full of experiences and emotions to remember at Atlantic Fest.

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