Discover the Galician coast, the wildest coast of Spain, with Breathingalicia

At Breathingalicia we are always thinking on new ways to surprise you in your visit to Galicia. In addition to our current menu of emotional guided tours we are about to add new experiences in the Galician coast, the wildest coast of Spain and, in some aspects, of Europe.

The situation of Galicia, in the Northwest corner of Iberian peninsula and exposed to the Atlantic Ocean’s fury, with the help of the geology (Galician coast is made mainly of granite rocks), has been setting up a singular landscape, especially in the northern part of Atlantic Galician coast. That was the end of known world until XV. Even today, this is the most unknown and unexplored coast of Spain. That means small villages, wild beaches, the highest cliffs of continental Europe, the mountains and the forests fading into the sea and a rich variety of experiences and emotions waiting for you. But let us explain a bit more of what can be found there…

Cape Ortegal and the highest cliffs of Europe

A lighthouse marks the top point of Cape Ortegal, one of the highlights of Galician coast. We are now over a big rocky ridge that enters in the ocean, where the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. In front of us, three peaks emerge from the ocean: “Os Aguillóns” (The Stings).

Cape Ortegal is, geographically, the point that divides the Atlantic Ocean and Cantabric Sea. But the rocks that are under our feet are also very special. The black granite of those rocks has more than 1 billion years old, making them the oldest rocks of Iberian Peninsula.

The impressive Cape Ortegal

Very close to Ortegal we find another impressive natural monument: the highest cliffs of continental Europe. Known as “Vixía da Herbeira”, the top of this cliffs reach 613 m. over sea level. An impressive place to visit and an experience to remember forever.

Vixía da Herbeira cliffs from the top

The remains of World War II in Spain

Galicia, especially Galician coast, become an important strategic point during Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), and many bunkers, fortresses and cannon batteries were built here during the war, due to the fear of general Franco of a possible invasion of the English army, something that never happened. Right after the end of Civil War, the World War II started. Although Spain was not taking part officialy in the war, the recently-built fortresses and the strategic harbors of Galicia were used by the Nazis as observation points and refuge for their submarines. Big antennas were also built by the Nazis in some of those points to spy the communications of Allied Navy.

punta frouxeira bunker Galician coast
Modern lighthouse and one of the entrances of the bunker at Punta Frouxeira

We’ll show you some of the remains ofthe bunkers and explain you a not so well known part of the history of Europe.

Ferrol: Military history, modernism and urban art in the Galician coast

Ferrol is one of the Galician cities to discover. Situated at the bottom of a long estuary, the natural port of Ferrol became an strategic site for Spanish Navy since the Middle Age. Two fortresses built in the two sides of the entrance protect the estuary since XVI century. The history of this city was always linked with the Spanish Navy (even today is the Atlantic base for war ships) and ship building, with one of the biggest ship factories in Europe.

Ferrol estuary and the city

But Ferrol has much more to show to the visitor. The city center is full of magnificent examples of Modernist architecture, the Old Town keeps having the charming atmosphere of the sailors with his little taverns and restaurants, and even an international contest of urban art has transformed the Canido quarter, turning it into a place that worths a visit.

Wild nature,birdwatching and beaches at Valdoviño lagoon and beach.

The protected natural space of Valdoviño lagoon, a paradise for birdwatchers, is very close to Ferrol and it’s a quiet place that must be visited. This natural lagoon is separated from the Atlantic ocean by a long beach, very famous between surfers by its waves. Many protected species of birds can be seen here using the specifically designed viewpoints to not disturb them. A place to walk quietly, between the ocean and the lagoon, and enjoy the wild nature at its full.

The Valdoviño beach and lagoon

Of course, we have many more suprises in our new experiences for you at the Galician coast. Taste food and wine, ancient rituals… We invite you to book one of them and let our enthusiastic guides discover you this unknown part of Galicia.

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