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Feel Galicia. The emotional guided tours.

aAt Breathingalicia we have the key to show you Galicia in a different and emotional way. Why do we do it instead of being the typical guided tours agency? We do it because we firmly believe one thing: the emotions and experiences of a trip last forever. That’s why we designed our emotional guided tours menu.

Think on the travels you made in the recent years. Now, what do you truly remember of them? Do you remember the history of every monument you visited? Unless you are very interested in history, probably not. If you think about it a little bit, you’ll realize that emotions are the only thing that remain in your memories. The flavour of an ice cream. The taste of a glass of wine in a special bar where they had good music on. The colour of the clouds on the sunset. That little square with a nice restaurant with a terrace under the tress. The silence of a monastery`s cloister. The colourful, noisy and aromatic market… All those things that made you feel good, impressed, free, relaxed, happy or even angry, but ultimately emotions.

The purpose of an emotional guided tour

When we talk about emotional guided tours you may think “this is just marketing”, but this is not our purpose. Our goal is to create those moments to remember. We don’t want you to be a tourist, but a traveller. How we do it?. Let us explain you our philosophy.

Our emotions menu has been carefully designed to avoid the places that you can visit on your own. Don’t expect the typical guided tour to show you the main sights of Galicia giving you a lot of data. We will join you to discover the hidden treasures of our land, small but wonderful places beyond the typical tourist places. Are you a foodie? Let us bring you to the spectacular market of Santiago de Compostela and taste our celebrated food in the same place. Come with us to taste our wines with a professional sommelier. Discover fishermen’s life talking with them and attending a fish auction. Breathe, relax, enjoy with all your senses some unforgettable moments.

The last ray of sun of continental Europe

Galicia is a truly land to discover. Pilgrims have been coming here for centuries, not only to visit the tomb of St. James, but to get to the ancient end of the world, Finisterre. Think on the emotional footprint of millions of people walking across our forests, villages, bridges and mountains since immemorial times. That’s the magic of Galicia, and that’s what we want you to feel.

Of course, to offer you these emotions, we need an expert team, not only professional guides but people with the empathy and skills needed to make you feel great. We do our tours in reduced groups, giving you time to explore and enjoy every place, respecting the silence when it is needed or pointing your attention to details. Our guides aren’t ‘teachers’, instead of this, they are travel companions who enjoy and feel the same way you do.

We will be expecting you here, at the end of the ancient world, where the green of the forest, the colour of the stone, the rivers and the sea create one of the most magical places of Europe. Would you discover it with us?

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