Christmas lights of Vigo, a surprise to discover

Vigo is the biggest city of Galicia. It is known by many things, from the industrial heritage of fishing, ships building and automotive industries to the charming streets of the Old Town, its vibrant cultural and nightlife or the Cíes Islands with their beautiful beaches that will make you feel like if you were in the Caribbean. But the city of Vigo is also a paradise for shopping. Regarding this, the city council decided to do something special for Christmas in the last years, in order to place the city in the map of holidays destinations. The result is the spectacular Christmas lights of Vigo.

Christmas lights of Vigo

Recently, the Mayor of Vigo made a public announcement saying that the Christmas lights of Vigo this year will be “the most important Christmas lights ever seen in any city”. And the Mayor is famous for keeping his promises.

Regarding the lighting plan released by the Mayor, 2019 could be remembered by “the year of the awesome Christmas lights”. More than 10 million of LED lights and 465 Christmas trees (one of them will reach 60 meters high, bigger than the famous New York tree) will turn the night into day in 334 of the 1.700 streets of the city. Themed areas in the main square of city center (like the house of Santa Claus) will complete the menu.

The investment will reach almost € 1 million, and the Christmas lights of Vigo started to be installed in mid September. This places Vigo at the level of the big capital cities of the world. Everything should be ready for November 23, when the Christmas lights will be officialy turned on.

This year, Christmas in Vigo will have even more attractions: a Christmas village, a 60-meter big wheel, and 3 Christmas markets on the streets. All this mixed with lots of amusement activities for all ages during all December and the first week of January (In Spain, Christmas time lasts until 6th of January). In 2018, according with the reports of the Mayor, Vigo received 2 millions of visitors during Christmas time, and this year this number will be probably bigger.

December is a perfect time to a short break. Whether you need a bit of relief from stress or just do your Christmas shopping, Vigo has a lot of things to offer to the visitor. City center is full of shops of international brands mixed with traditional stores where you can buy anything you want. The Christmas markets gives you the chance to buy handcrafted products and interact with the makers. And, of course, we are in Galicia. That means good food and wines at every corner. Vigo is the perfect place if you want to enjoy our fresh fish, seafood, meat and vegetables, cooked at our traditional style or following the cutting edge trends, but always at affordable prices.

We want you to enjoy the Christmas lights of Vigo (and the incredible atmosphere created) with all your senses. We have prepared a special Christmas offer, Christmas euphoria in Vigo. It includes, of course, a night guided tour in Vigo to enjoy the Christmas lights, a Christmas sweets workshop and the best place for shopping with a welcome pack and a personal shopper. Vigo is a city full of life where you can discover a surprise at every corner.

Enjoy Christmas time with us. We promise you a lot of memories and emotions that you will keep in your mind forever.

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