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About Us. How we design our guided tours in Galicia.


We believe in teamwork. That’s why we created a small group of professionals with something in common: curiosity, experience and a large background in Hospitality Management and Customer Service, all to give you the best experience with our emotional guided tours in Galicia.

The head of this group is Olalla Rúa, a Tourism Administration Graduate and a certified official guide who loves to share her passion for Galicia and takes care not only of your needs, but your feelings and emotions during our guided tours. Let her describe herself:

“Curious is how I define myself. During many years I was searching my personal Holy Grail, that powerful glass from where to drink the elixir of eternity and knowledge, and ultimately happiness, I guess. I tried to find it during my university years in Madrid and Santiago de Compostela, my stages in Ireland, United Kingdom or Germany and even visiting a few different countries.  After a few years working in an international company in Madrid I felt like coming back home, to my origins. Galicians are known by our “morriña”, that special way of missing our land. And thinking back I think I found my Holy Grail. It was always in front of me, but I was not able to look at it.”

We also think that some special moments need special people. Our wine tastes are carried by sommeliers or winery professionals, who teach you how to enjoy all the charasteristics of the world-awarded Galician wines. In our food experiences you can interact with the chefs and, in some places, see how your food is cooked in front of you. When we visit a fish auction, the profesionals carrying it will explain to you how it works. Interaction is key for us. Our guided tours in Galicia are carefully designed to give you an unforgettable experience.

We don’t want you to visit. We want you to discover. That’s our difference with mainstream guided tours. We don’t give you a lot of data, we focus on your emotions. In our experience of many years, not just as guides but travellers around the world, we realized that the most important thing that remains in our minds after a travel are the emotions we felt.

We are lucky to live in a privileged land full of different experiences. Our aim with our emotional guided tours in Galicia is to transmit you a bit of the magic of this corner, known as the ancient End of the World.

We work very hard to find new emotions to offer and to improve our menu and, believe us, it’s difficult to choose the best experiences, because we have lots of them in Galicia!

Come with us and feel, breath, touch, taste… Enjoy Galicia with all your senses. We are willing to provide unforgettable moments at our beloved land. Check out our emotions menu and enjoy the best guided tours in Galicia.

A group of professionals


Care is in our DNA. An enthusiastic group of dynamic professionals keen to create your best experience.


The outdoors is our natural environment. We are happy to help you connecting to Nature , to others, and ultimately to yourself.


We believe sharing our experiences and knowledge will help to discover new perspectives of our beloved Galicia.


We are a small team of dynamic and curious professionals with a large background in Hospitality Management and Customer Service Experience.

A paradise for you to enjoy!

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