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We are a small team of dynamic and curious professionals with a large background in Hospitality Management and Customer Service Experience.

We have been touched by significant experiences and human beings around the world, whether living in South America, experiencing Middle East complexity or hanging out with locals in our European stages.

From learning different cultures we noted we all share emotions, a universal language that bring us together.

We believe sharing our experiences and knowledge will help to discover new perspectives of our beloved Galicia.

A group of professionals


Care is or DNA. An enthusiastic group of dynamic professionals keen to create your best experience.


The outdoors is our natural environment. We are happy to help you connecting to Nature , to others, and ultimately to yourself.


We believe sharing our experiences and knowledge will help to discover new perspectives of our beloved Galicia.

          HARD WORKERS

We are a small team of dynamic and curious professionals with a large background in Hospitality Management and Customer Service Experience.

A paradise for you to enjoy!

Wanna enjoy Galicia?

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